As a parent of a child with special needs, I am always inspired by someone who makes life a little easier for those that struggle with a disability. This graphic designer did just that by developing a font specifically to help those with dyslexia. And then he gave it away for free. Check it out

Art Preservation & Google

While Google is building Skynet with DeepMind, at least we still have art. Oh wait, they've taken that too. Started as an effort to categorize the world's art and evolving into a preservation project, Google Art Project has made 32,000 artworks available from over 46 museums, enabling users to get unsettlingly close to works that would normally set off alarms. Check it out


I have always been intrigued by the practice of yoga. The practice is so beautiful and almost looks effortless when watching. Acro-Yoga takes it to another level by incorporating a partner. This video shows great connection and trust between two people depending on one another from one move to the next. Check it out


Why do we subject ourselves countless "you should's" and "you ought to's" that dim the fire of our souls? Emily Hughes' book "Wild" is not only beautifully illustrated, it is an invitation to abandon our inhibitions and rediscover the saving magic of nature and our inner child. Check it out

Art on the Go

Seven teams of Japanese artists transformed this speeding bullet train into the world’s fastest art gallery. Each of the six cars feature a unique theme and visuals, and the 107 passengers on any of the train’s three daily trips are encouraged to wander this Shinkansen to experience it all. Check it out