Painting on Fallen Faces

Commenting on our tenuous relationship with nature, Alison Moritsugu has used logs from fallen trees as her canvas for beautiful nature scenes. These Inception-like images force the viewer to consider our relationship with nature's natural beauty, all while brining our abuse of it into a grave perspective. Check it out

Creative Funding for The Love of Dogs

It turns out there might be more going on in your dog's brain than most people think. And dog owners are more than willing to fund research to find out. Check it out


Some days there is nothing better than an ice-cold beer. Even better, an ice-cold beer at the office. When you’re feeling particularly lazy wouldn’t it be great to save a trip to the fridge and have beer delivered right to your desk? DeskBeers is here! Check it out

Lost Arts are Still Found

In an era where touch screens and keyboards rule the world, it’s always refreshing to find those contemporary individuals who still take old school art forms to their limits. Seeing true (young) craftsmen attack their craft and do the work they do continues to inspire everything I do, like watching Master Penman, Jake Weidmann work on his craft. Check it out

Giving Purpose To Tossing Your Trash

Sometimes thinking out of the box means finding a way to get people to put trash in a box. The UK has found an ingenious way to keep cigarette butts and gum off the streets while giving people a fun way to do it. Check it out