One More Try!

Few people understand how much determination it takes to be a skateboarder. Jamie Thomas shows us what it takes to be a legend. Despite his many failed attempts, Jamie wins his battle, earning himself another trick to add to his already impressive resume and teaches us a lesson in perseverance. Check it out

Giant Air Purifier Creates Jewelry from Smog

Danish designer Daan Roosegaarde designed and built a 23’ tall air purifier that turns pollution into profit. The Smog Free Tower sucks fine carbon particles from the air and turns them into tiny gemstones, which are sold as jewelry such as rings and cufflinks. Check it out

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

While at first glance these colorful and interesting art displays may seem like something you would see at any art exhibit, once you realize the media is plastic garbage collected from our oceans, it takes a whole new, slightly disturbing, meaning. While it has been engrained in me since childhood, it seems it has not been in others…Reduce, Reuse and RECYCLE! Check it out

Giving Space a Beat

Ever wonder what space really sounds like? It'll probably sound look "woosh" and you'd be unconscious. But White Vinyl Design has created a beat from our solar system. Ultra modern and minimal, the irregular beat made from the orbiting planets creates an extremely unique and subtle atmosphere, especially when Pluto finally rounds the corner. Check it out

Rocket Wars

The team at Variable found an incredible story in a small island in Greece. Each year on Holy Saturday, churches launch rockets at one another in a staged "war." The visuals of the film are beautiful and poetic, but the true inspiration of the piece is that there is a story and drama everywhere, in every act. Check it out