Be Simple, Eat Simple.

If I was going to Kiev, Ukraine, this would be a place I would like to visit — an innovative fast food restaurant with a beautifuly executed branding that mixes country and modern design, and hopefully equally good food. Check it out

Clothing According to Yohji

Yohji Yamamoto is a fashion design legend. He follows his own path and always keeps his distance from contemporary trends. The fusion of his avant-garde spirit, outsider philosophy, classical Japanese sensibilities, and sophisticated aesthetic decisions has earned him a place in design history. Check it out

Bombs. Spies. Police. Surveillance. Delivery. And Now Graffiti?

Proving all the fear mongers correct, graffiti artist KATSU has attached a spray paint can to a drone and successfully used it to tag one of New York's largest and most visible billboards. Asking the question, "Am I safe from being tagged" is a long ways away-- this prototype is hardly usable, but it opens the possibility to the much loved and hated guerrilla marketing. Check it out

The Secret Weapon against Animal Poaching

University professor by day, vigilante by night – sounds like the storyline to an Indiana Jones movie. But this professor isn’t digging for lost treasure, rather fighting to stop animal traffickers and poachers through the use of drone technology. Check it out


Tall bridges are enough to make those with a fear of heights a little shaky but what happens when the bridge is made of glass? The world's tallest glass pedestrian bridge is almost finished being constructed and will sit 300 meters above a canyon in the Zanhangjiajie National Park in China. Take a look: Check it out