Car Manufacturer Protects Your Inner Ears in a Crash

In an effort to prevent inner ear injuries and hearing loss during a car crash, the 2017 Mercedes Benz E-Class will feature a new “Pre-Safe Sound” technology. When the car detects an imminent crash, the stereo emits a short interference signal to trigger the ear’s acoustic reflex, preventing damage from the high-pressure sounds of the crash. Check it out

Milan Expo 2015

World Expo has 164 years of tradition, but in the year 2000 the participating countries started designing their own pavilions to help them promote their image. This years World Expo takes place in Milan and features a lot of great, sustainable and unique building designs. Check it out

The Collision of Art and Technology

Holly Herndon is a sound artist who uses digital processes to create custom instruments and vocals. For her video, "Home," she teams up with design studio Metahaven to examine our society's complicated relationship with technology. The video is beautiful, innovative, and provokes thought about online identity and our data dominated culture. Check it out

God's Eye

A group of independent filmmakers built a camera rig that could give the audience a new view of the action. Rather than using conventional visual storytelling methods, they used a fixed perspective to follow a character on his journey. Each frame had to have the rig digitally removed from the actor's body. The perspective achieved surpasses being a simple gimmick and becomes the overarching theme of the narrative. Check it out

Helping Shelter Pets, One Picture at a Time

As an animal rescue advocate, I know that many shelter animals are photographed as lonely and scared beings in a cinderblock kennel. This is where HeARTs Speak and their Perfect Exposure Project (PEP) come in. Through donations, they are training shelter staff around the country how to take a good photograph, making the animals look warm, playful, and ready for a new home. Check it out! Check it out