9 Signs Your Brand Needs an Audit

KEVIN! Strong brands are more profitable and increase company value. They enable you to ensure customer preference in buying decisions, build customer loyalty, reduce the cost of sales and fend off competition.

How do you know if your brand is strong? If you can relate to any of the common problems below, it may be time to diagnose your business with a brand audit. 

  1. Losing customers to your competition
  2. Fighting downward price pressure
  3. Sales people aren’t motivated
  4. Your marketing is non-existent or ineffective
  5. Customer confusion in your offerings
  6. Your product/service is a “commodity”
  7. Your competitors are disruptive
  8. Key personnel are leaving the company
  9. Sales are flat or sliding

It can be a scary thing. But you aren’t going to take this, are you?! Heck NO! 

Completing a brand audit will give you a snapshot of why these problems are happening. And if you’re bold enough; you will have the power to do something about it.  

By the end of an audit you’ll have a roadmap that: 

  • Identifies the position of your business to plan corrective strategies
  • Uncovers strengths and weaknesses to prioritize an action plan
  • Aligns your offerings to customer needs
  • Analyzes the market and the competition to develop your differentiated value offering
  • Understands internal and external perceptions of your business
  • Defines a foundation for your brand to build from and drive future efforts

Every single business interaction is something that tells your brand’s story. At Ivor Andrew, we use our expertise to plan and craft those pieces to perfection. Sometimes it’s hard to read the label from inside the jar. That’s where our perspective and industry experience becomes paramount.

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