All Of Our Ridiculous La Croix Content In One Place

Part 1: Copywriter rants on Medium

Luke, one of our copywriters, learned lots of people are insanely devoted to La Croix sparkling water. This made him angry. He let off steam on Medium in a legendary article.

Read the rant here.

Read the Daily Mail's interview with him (yes, seriously).

Part 2: La Croix Blind Taste Test Video

In response to the attention Luke's rant got, Alex Donnelly (our video editor) got the idea to make us drink La Croix while he filmed it. Luke objected, but we don't have an HR department, so Alex won.

The verdict? Liz and Steph enjoy La Croix. Doug, Luke and Stu do not. Alex Laniosz is as neutral as Switzerland.

Cast (in order of appearance)

  • Steph: Yellow sweater
  • Luke: Red polo
  • Alex: Black shirt
  • Doug: Gray hoodie
  • Liz: Pink sweater
  • Stu: Gray sweater

Part 3: The Taste Test Blooper Reel

Alex and Stu got lots of footage during the La Croix taste test, and some of it had to be cut. This is that footage.

Prepare yourself for lots of burping, plenty of whining and a moment or two that are not suitable for children.

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