a poem by Alex Laniosz

300 hours of video uploaded to Youtube this very minute.
Imagine an ocean and a single tear drop within it.
500 million tweets and 95 million photos posted today.
Did you catch any comments or were you refreshed away?
840 million new articles on Wordpress this year.
Will I contribute anything meaningful before I too disappear?

And why does any of this matter? Who even cares?
They scroll past my post and I scroll past theirs.
The internet sends us souls we couldn’t otherwise meet
and for them, we build personas of half truths and deceit.
We all crave connection. It’s our human condition,
But our inner voices are silenced by misguided ambition.
We want to be more than we are and faster than we deserve
So we paint idealized lives for our "friends" to observe.
We can connect with anyone on earth through a phone,
And we still feel misunderstood, unheard and alone.
Social media is positive but it is filled with pollutions.
Perhaps we’re falsely producing and in need of solutions.

Instead of feeling depressed by what you haven’t achieved
Or feeling pressured into posting what you don’t truly believe,
Please think a bit deeper. Look beyond the facade.
Everyone values friends who are equally odd.
The internet gives us a chance to have unlikely relations
With like-minded people in far-off locations.
This is a huge opportunity. Don’t let it be wasted.
Be yourself. Don’t create like you are copy and pasted.

Truth often feels hopeless, but please keep on moving.
The world needs you to believe it is still worth improving.
Hurt people exist and they will try to misguide you.
Don’t be defeated. Speak the truth that's inside you.
The truth is so scary because it reveals that we’re weak.
But vulnerability is the only door to the connection we seek.

In an ocean of content, you are like a lost man on an isle,
But if it reaches just one soul, your message is proven worthwhile.
Challenge yourself! Go out on a limb from time to time.
It’s why I wrote this poem like a little kid’s rhyme.
Don't take it so serious. Do what makes you smile.
Create what you love for who you love, then share it with style.