Every Piece Matters

Want to build a great direct mail piece? Send LEGO.

The Ask: A Unique Direct Mail Campaign

When a finishing contractor network came to us looking for an original account-based marketing idea that would capture the attention of their architect contacts through mail, we knew a standard direct mailer would not do the job.

When producing direct mail campaigns, our main goal is to produce something that will cut through the endless promotional mailings people get every day. Architects are builders and tinkerers at heart. So we decided to produce something that played into those traits and got them interacting with our client.

The Concept: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Willits House, LEGO style

We sent our client's group of architects a 21-piece LEGO replica of the Willits House, designed by the legendary Frank Lloyd Wright. It was mailed in see-through packaging so their interest would be ignited. The mailer served as a fun side project that looks great on a desk once it’s built. In fact, a couple of us currently sport the replica on our desks.

Designed way back in 1901, the Willits House (located in Highland Park) is a lasting staple of Illinois architecture. It’s considered the first great Prairie house ever constructed, a striking mashup of nature and architecture.

The Results: Action and Memorability

The LEGO direct mail piece was followed up by two postcard mailings dripped over the next month to drive home the message that every building is a work of art. Details matter regardless of scale.

NOTE: This DM was sent in late 2016. Besides the immediate inquiries received, we met with an architect to discuss the build out of a new Ivor Andrew building in 2019. On the desk of that architect sat the exact same Willits House LEGO replica, saved for nearly 3 years.

We love working with clients that have a willingness to try new things and get in front of their audience in a unique way. They fully grasp the power of great direct mail, and it makes our job that much more enjoyable.