Hello! I’m Liz Strauchen. This is my stuff.

Ivor Andrew’s Stuff Series explains who we are and what makes us go. Today, Liz Strauchen, account supervisor, shares 12 of her favorite things.

  1. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to Hawaii on numerous occasions with both friends and family. It is absolutely beautiful and one of the places where I can truly relax. Time goes a little slower there than it does at home.
  2. This butterfly is made of Belgian lace and reminds me of the first time I traveled abroad without my family. I was on tour with my high school choir through Belgium, England, France and Scotland. I saw some amazing places, sang at historic cathedrals and had an unforgettable experience.
  3. These Swarovski ballet slippers were the first gift I ever received from the man who would become my husband. We were just friends at the time, so I was shocked to get something so special, let alone get a gift at all. I guess he liked me!
  4. It’s been interesting to notice how my wine palate has changed over the years. I’ve learned to love so many more different types than when I first started drinking it.
  5. I’ve traveled all over the world, but Japan is the most unique place I’ve visited so far. From the language and food to the way of life in general, Japan was quite an experience!
  6. I am not a wine connoisseur by any means, but I do enjoy a glass after a long day.
  7. This colorful looking doily is actually called Ñandutí, which is a Paraguayan embroidered lace that means “spiderweb,” much like it looks. This represents my Paraguayan heritage from my Dad.
  8. I got this boomerang in Australia with my husband. It was our last vacation before starting a family, and we wanted to go big or go home. Australia and New Zealand was our choice, and it was wonderful.
  9. Italy was always on the top of my travel bucket list and I was blessed to be able to go twice! The historic significance of everything in Rome was astounding, but it was the Italian countryside in Tuscany and the miles upon miles of poppy fields that captured my heart. I have to go back.
  10. I like to cook and bake, to take a recipe, experiment with it, and make it my own. I think my love of cooking stems from my Dad, while my love of baking is more from my Mom and Grandma.
  11. I have always had a love of animals, growing up with cats, dogs, fish, birds…but the closest furry member of my family now is my 5-year-old German Shepherd, Lexi. She is incredibly smart and is the best dog I’ve ever had. I may not be able to get a different breed of dog ever again.
  12. Last but not least, this pink knitted blanket actually has a two-for-one significance. First, it is one of the blankets knitted for my 3-year-old and 7-month-old daughters. They are my biggest joy, making me smile every day, no matter how challenging they may have been that day, especially my toddler. This blanket also represents my Grandma – she is the person who knitted it for my girls. Until just recently, we had 4 generations of women alive in our family, and I know I get my strength from these great women.