June 27, 2016

Hi, I’m Steph. This is my stuff.

Steph Behrens is an account supervisor at Ivor Andrew. Here’s her contribution to our Stuff Series—things that help explain who we are and what makes us go.

1: Chances are, I’m cold right now. Thus, I'm all about them blankets. I even run a space heater under my desk at the office throughout the summer. Judge away!

2: I'm actually a certified interior decorator (surprise!). I took a year-long course and have a huge passion for it, so anything HGTV related is something I love—along with almost any home improvement, house flipping or home building channels. :D

3: Who the frick doesn't love candles?

4: I bought a home last year and was promptly gifted a classic door knocking thingamajig. Yay, adulting!

5: I am a sucker for decorative pillows that serve no purpose. This is one of my favorites. You actually can't even lay your head on it because the buttons would scratch your face. So practical.

6: I love to repurpose items or get creative with them just because. This golden acorn is actually a pepper shaker, but I use it as a decorative piece on my shelf because, why not? I've got the gooooldeeen acccooorrrrrnnnn. Willy Wonka...no? Is this thing on?

7: Scarves are the best accessory out there and possibly the greatest invention of all time. Eat it, sliced bread. I probably have 50 scarves and I would wear them all year ‘round if I could. I don't know what the fashion police would say about this, but also, I don't care. Muahaha.

8: I grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, otherwise known as the U.P. Therefore, I am a "Yooper", and have a large collection of hats that, while cute, were necessary for survival :)

9: Do I need to even say anything about this adorable fluff ball? JUST LOOK AT HER. Izzie is my partner in crime. I rescued her from a shelter in Georgia in 2011. I love dogs. A lot. And I seriously question people who don't love dogs or, even worse, like cats.

10: OK. I don't really cook. But I'm trying. Right now, 5 ingredients and 10 minutes is my max in the kitchen. Otherwise, I get distracted and order pizza. Or I just order pizza because it's awesome. What I’m saying is I have a few cute aprons to trick people into thinking I could actually make them a decent meal.

11: I have a huge fear of smelling bad so I wear perfume every day, even when I'm just going to the grocery store. Doesn't matter!

12: Apple TV + Netflix + Hulu = bliss

13. I have really long toes (DON’T LOOK AT THEM), so my footwear of choice is always sandals. Gotta let them piggies breathe! Also, I think someone should invent footwear for people with long toes. They do it for wide feet. CAN I GET AN AMEN?!

14. Whoa. Another scarf. I have no idea how that even got in this photo. No, seriously. How did I end up putting two scarves in this photo? I have a problem.