January 20, 2015

Boost is Ten!

2005 was a year rife with change. John Roberts became the new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Pope John Paul II died, making way for the first new pope in over a quarter century. And Brad left Jennifer for Angelina!

It was also a big year for change for me on a personal and professional level: on January 20, 2005, I left the comfort of a full-time job to start Boost. I'd worked on the client side of sales and marketing for the better part of a decade, and thought I had something to offer small to mid-size businesses that demanded better marketing. I was thankful to have my wife's blessing, although initially she wanted me to name the company with my last name "Booton". I disagreed, so she grabbed the dictionary, went to the "boo" section looking for something close, and "Boost" was born! It's hard to believe that it's already been ten years.

While Boost is still a small (but growing!) agency today, in January of 2005, it was just me, my shiny new Dell laptop and my dog, Schroeder, working out of my house. Our third bedroom served as my office, and when I hired a graphic designer after a few months, he and the dog took the office and I got the kitchen table! This arrangement worked out surprisingly well until we moved into our first office in December of that year.

Boost was fortunate to have started in 2005 as we were able to grow and build some reserves before the Great Recession hit in 2008. The next two years were tough, but our driven and nimble staff of three (four including the dog) was able to plow through, add new clients and do innovative work.

Since the Great Recession ended, Ivor Andrew has grown to a staff of eight humans (plus a variety of employees' dogs that occasionally visit our office). Not a day goes by that I don't think about my experience on the client side of the table, or those early days working out of my home office.

While it would be nice to think that the founding of Boost was the biggest marketing news of 2005, we definitely had some competition for the top spot that year:

  • YouTube was founded, forever changing the way we access cat videos.
  • TheFacebook.com purchased the domain name "Facebook.com" for $200,000 and began rapidly expanding beyond colleges.
  • Broadband connections surpassed dial-up connections, affecting the way websites are designed and built.
  • Google Analytics was released, providing a free and robust website tracking tool.

Founding this agency at this time of rapid industry change has been both a trial and a blessing. Since day one, we've been pushed to keep on top of new social media platforms, algorithm updates and interactive marketing trends. The pace of change has only accelerated, and staying ahead of the curve is challenging yet rewarding.

I've been truly blessed to work with a group of amazing people that share my passion for creating innovative marketing campaigns. Thank you to my team for sharing my vision and making Boost an awesome place to work.

But I'm even more thankful for our clients that have allowed us to innovate and do great work. Thank you especially to those that have demanded more, pushed us out of our comfort zone and helped us to embrace the ever-accelerating pace of change.

I look forward to the next ten years and continuing the journey with all of you.