August 14, 2015

Ivor Andrew Takes Off With New Creative Director

Ivor Andrew is pleased to announce some news that will definitively further the creative pedigree of our work for a long time, the acquisition of Creative Director, Doug Carter. As Creative Director, Doug will ensure that all of Ivor Andrew’s creative work moves from expected to exemplary.

“Doug has 20-plus years of experience, mostly on the agency side, but also on the client side,” says Ivor Andrew President, Keith Booton. “He’s got an intimate knowledge of the creative process.” Moving up the ranks from Graphic Designer to Creative Director has afforded Doug plenty of insight into the creative process over the years. That insight extends to not only managing ideas, but people as well. “Guiding a creative team of dozens of people is not something that can be learned from a book,” says Keith. “He’s been in the trenches.”

Along with having the right professional background, the two also believe that Doug’s personal interests align well with Ivor Andrew. “My dad is a boutique machinist and I have been around cars and mechanical things all of my life. I have actually used many of the same products that we are marketing here at Ivor Andrew. Having that background is rare in this industry, especially for a creative person,” says Doug.

“Doug is someone who really gets what Ivor Andrew is about,” says Keith. Not only is he committed to doing high quality work that grows clients’ business, but he also understands the work/life balance that serves as Ivor Andrew’s guiding philosophy. “We both want the same things from our work and personal lives. We have families with young kids, and they’re not going to be young forever,” says Keith. “I didn’t want to bring on someone with a typical, slave-driver agency mindset. Because there’s no such thing as a work/life balance—it’s all life.”

Removing the distinction between work and play, Keith and Doug believe they can inject work with passion that’s normally only found outside an office. Ultimately, this means Ivor Andrew is entering into a new period of creative quality. “It’s just a matter of taking that next step,” says Doug. “We’re kind of at a creative crossroads right now. We’re going to improve on everything we do—and that’s really exciting.”