A Straight-Talking, Myth-Busting Painters Union

We helped PDC 30 smash union stereotypes and change their story

When you picture a union guy, what do you see? If it's burly man angrily swinging a sledgehammer and using scare tactics to get his way, you're not alone.

Problem is, that pervasive image is an untrue stereotype for Painters District Council No. 30. So when they came to us for help telling the real story, we jumped on it. Their goal: to not only get rid of union myths, but to make themselves more welcoming to potential painting, drywall and glazing members—and to the working world as a whole.

And so, the PDC 30 myth cards were born.

​We took an honest approach with these 8 cards, making sure we talked straight and hammered home the benefits of union membership. To grab attention, the cover of each card screamed a common myth the guys at PDC 30 hear all the time. Then, on the back of each card, we told the real story.

We wanted contractors to be excited about joining unions, not fearful of the change. Giving them the facts about what PDC 30 is about was the best way to replace their fear and hesitation with curiosity and excitement.

The eye-catching cards, inspired by Depression-era and World War II posters, were a perfect design fit for this campaign. Those posters encouraged Americans to band and work together, and PDC 30's cards do the same.

When all 8 cards are read in one sitting, you get the full story of who PDC 30 is: an organization that cares deeply for their members and knows how important it is for them to make a good living, build integrity and leave a lasting legacy. As it turns out, unions DO care.