Cincinnati Inc. is a legend in metal fabrication. Thanks to the strength of their machines and their people, this U.S.-based company has been around since the 1890s, while other companies succumbed to economic pressures or moved overseas.

But they came to us in need of help. Foreign competition had passed them, and they needed an injection of confidence. A reminder of what they were and what they have the power to be. Turns out, that reminder was just two words: OWN IT.


The Machines and the People

The OWN IT campaign we crafted and executed for Cincinnati doesn't simply focus on the company's longevity. It talks about why the company has lasted since the 19th century. The answer: CI people work with integrity. They aren't afraid of a good sweat. They (you should probably sit down for this) actually do what they say they'll do.

And so, we don't just promote their strong and reliable machines. We promote their strong and reliable people, and it's resonating both inside CI's walls and throughout the country.