Doosan makes incredible machines. We’re telling the world about it.

Thanks to their remarkable engineering and a relentless focus on R&D, Doosan has become one of the world’s best machine tool builders. But machinists had a perception of Doosan that needed an update, and that’s why Ivor Andrew was brought in to spearhead their national integrated marketing campaign. It can be summed up in two words:

There are a couple meanings to the phrase. The first one is the obvious one: Doosan makes great machines. But the second one speaks directly to Doosan end-users and acts as a challenge to them: With Doosan by their side, they can go out and machine greatness.

It’s an inspiring, motivational phrase. And it paints Doosan as a partner and ally for people who want to change the world with the parts that they make.


Social Media Marketing

Our goal: Celebrate what people make with their Doosan machines.

When we started working with Doosan, we knew they had a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter. But we also realized the vast majority of chatter about their machines was happening on, of all places, Instagram. People all over the world shared the intricate parts they made on Doosans, even though the company didn’t even have an Instagram account.

So we created one. Without spending a dime on sponsored content, @doosanmta adds hundreds of followers each month and even helps fuel content on the other social media platforms. A quick and conversational tone of voice makes them seem more like a human and less like a B2B powerhouse.

Today, distributors and machinists all over the U.S. are eager to show their pride as a #DoosanShop, and we love giving them a digital fist bump for their hard work. Their Instagram account is a must-follow for anyone who loves machining, and exciting new content is posted regularly on their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn channels. Next time you hear someone say social media and B2B don't mix, counter-punch with three words: Doosan Machine Tools.


The fresh Machine Greatness branding gives Doosan and its machines the world-class look they deserve.


As you might imagine, sparks fly when Ivor Andrew’s production quality meets Doosan’s incredible machining capability.