Hotel guests' rooms feel like paradise with Eden wireless environment control.


Amana PTAC approached Ivor Andrew to develop a brand name and logo for a line of thermostats that allowed hotel owners to remotely regulate the temperatures of their guests' rooms. The thermostat and management systems allows for increased control and energy savings.

The name Eden can be dissected into E referring to the digital aspect of the product and the word DEN implying home or room. The word implies paradise and references it's environmentally friendly nature. The logo itself is made of subtle, geometric vine and leaf shapes to give the minimal, modern logo an organic feel.


Eden's promotional materials need to evoke the same comfort that the thermostat gives it's users. To accomplish this, we designed all materials with stillness in mind. Hotel room imagery is spacious, of a neutral color palette and includes plant life. Typography is light, arranged with plenty of room to breath and used sparingly. Comfort is key.


The same design ideas used in Eden's printed materials are reflected on the web. Minimal typography and design keeps the messaging essential and product focused.