PDC 30

Ever seen that giant inflatable rat by the street near a construction site?

Ever wondered what exactly is going on there? You’re not alone. The rat is named Scabby, and he’s used by union laborers all over the country who want to alert passersby that, “Hey, this business hired non-union labor!”

It’s an aggressive, confusing tactic. PDC 30 (an Aurora, Illinois-based union home to painting, drywall and glazing professionals) came to us to change their story. And so, we developed a series of Myth Cards. The cover of each card shouted a myth they encounter all the time, and the flip side told the real story.


Supported by shockingly honest copy and a one-of-a-kind design, the cards changed the PDC 30 story immediately. They are not simply picketers. They are a straight-shooting group who supports, trains and stands up for their union contractors on a daily basis.