Fujifilm needs no introduction. It's a global presence whose influence has shaped multiple industries. But Fujifilm Graphic Systems, the packaging and printing division of the world-renowned company, did need an introduction and an identity of its own. Stuck in the "this is how we've always done it" loop, they approached Ivor Andrew to break free and develop attention-grabbing marketing materials.

We wanted to give Fujifilm Graphic Systems its own voice and message, plus a look that stood out from the competition—all while keeping them connected to their global parent company. The high-end, professional look teamed with the bold and confident voice to position the company as an industry front-runner. The revamped design added new life to the brand's social and print work.


When everyone looks the same, nothing stands out. Welcome to B2B trade shows. For PRINTING United, the industry's biggest event, we had a simple goal: Give Fujifilm Graphic Systems a strong and memorable presence for the first time. The result was COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES.

It was an invitation to the big thinkers, the experimenters and the rule breakers, and a call to action to embrace the rule-breaking creativity that comes with owning and operating Fujifilm equipment.

Backed by that voice, stunning photography and complete ownership of green and black, Fujifilm sold every machine they showcased in their booth. And—arguably more importantly—the brand cemented itself in a positive way for the first time in a long time.